Samsung washer leaves clothes wet

Why Your Samsung Washer Leaves Clothes Wet After The Spin Cycle

If your clothes are still soaking wet at the end of a wash cycle your washer isn’t the only appliance in jeopardy. The weight of excessively wet clothes can cause dryer malfunctions and shorten its lifespan. Why is my Samsung washer leaving my clothes soaking wet? Overloading it with too many items can slow the spin speed. Troubleshoot why your Samsung washer leaves clothes wet with these common causes.

Samsung Washer Leaves Clothes Wet? Here’s How to Pinpoint the Problem

While part malfunctions can prevent proper spinning and draining, some causes don’t necessarily require a repair. What do I do if my laundry is too wet? Sometimes a simple change or adjustment can solve the problem.

#1. Don’t Use an Extension Cord to Power Your Washer

Extension cords can’t safely transmit the voltage your washer requires to operate optimally. The resulting lack of power can slow its spin speed to the point where your Samsung washer leaves clothes wet at the end of a spin cycle. Extension cords can also cause power surges that stop a washer mid-cycle, leaving clothes in a puddle of water.

Never use an extension cord to power your washer and always make sure a standard cord is properly plugged into a working outlet.

#2. Don’t Overload Your Washing Machine

When you find clothes too wet after spin cycle ends, the washer may be overloaded with too many items. Overloading can slow the washer’s spin speed, leaving clothes wet. If your washer is loud, overloading may have also caused an imbalance. An imbalanced load makes the spin cycle louder or stops the washer mid-cycle before it can drain.

If the washer stops before a cycle is complete, remove some items and redistribute others evenly around the drum. Avoid overloading by only filling the washer drum ¾ of the way full with each wash load.

#3. Use a Different Washer Cycle

Is your Samsung washer not spinning all the water out? You may have selected the wrong wash cycle for your laundry load. Delicate or Hand Wash settings have a slower spin cycle to safely wash more fragile fabrics. If your washing machine isn’t spinning clothes dry, make sure you’ve selected a cycle with an adequate spin speed for your wash load. Some washers also enable you to increase the spin speed for heavier fabrics or larger loads.

Samsung washer not spinning all the water out
Image Credit: Samsung

#4. Samsung Washer Not Spinning Properly

If your Samsung washer leaves clothes wet even after the above interventions, a part malfunction may be hampering the spin cycle.

The following parts can result in spinning problems when they fail:

  • Door lock: On front-loading machines, the door lock secures the door when it’s closed and signals the washer to start. When the lock is damaged or fails electronically, the washer won’t start or spin. If the lock shows visible damage or fails multimeter testing with a lack of continuity, it requires replacement.
  • Lid switch: The lid switch performs the same locking and signaling functions on top-loading washers. If the lid switch is damaged or fails multimeter testing with a lack of continuity, it must be replaced.

#5. Washer Isn’t Draining Sufficiently

When your washer leaves clothes soaked, other part malfunctions may have caused draining problems that leave water in the washer drum.

These part failures can lead to draining issues:

  • Clogged or kinked drain hose: Clogs and kinks in the drain hose can restrict water flow. While kinks can be gently straightened, a clogged hose must be disconnected to remove the blockage or replaced if the clog is unreachable.
  • Drain pump filter clog: The pump filter prevents debris from clogging the drain pump. If the filter becomes clogged, your Samsung washer leaves clothes wet because water can’t sufficiently drain through it. Removing the drain pump filter for regular cleanings can prevent clogs.

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