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What to Do When Your LG Washer Won’t Spin

Is a pile of wet clothes leaving you wondering why your LG washer won’t spin? Sometimes there’s no way around part malfunctions that grind your washer to halt. We’ll discuss the most common occurrences from a broken drive belt to a worn out clutch to help ensure a fast repair.

LG Washer Won’t Spin? This Could Be the Reason

It’s hard to imagine solving the problem when you don’t know where to begin. We’ll streamline your troubleshooting with a list of the most common reasons your LG washer won’t spin.

Broken Drive Belt

A washer’s rubber drive belt is suspended between two pulleys, supporting the weight of the washtub as it spins. Over time the pulley can become worn, stretched, or torn and it won’t be able to support the tub. When this happens you’ll find your washer making loud noises as it spins or not spinning at all.

Visually inspect the drive belt for signs of damage. A damaged drive belt needs to be replaced or the washer won’t spin clothes.

LG washer won't spinFailed Motor Coupling

If your LG washer isn’t spinning a failed motor coupling is another common cause. The motor coupling connects the washer’s motor to the transmission, providing the power needed to spin the washer tub.

While the motor coupling can fail over time, repeated overloading will cause it to break prematurely to protect the motor from harm. If you inspect the coupling and find that it’s broken it can’t be repaired and requires replacement.

Damaged Door Latch

Did you know that your washer doesn’t spin if the door latch has malfunctioned? This feature protects against leaks and injury. If the latch fails electrically or suffers damage, the washer won’t receive a signal that the door has closed and your LG washer won’t spin.

If the door latch shows visual signs of damage or multimeter testing reveals a lack of continuity it has to be replaced.

Faulty Motor Control Board

A washer’s control board has the important job of regulating all the washer’s functions from filling and draining to spinning. It then communicates with the motor to power those functions. If the control board fails these functions can’t be processed, including spinning.

To determine if the motor control board has failed, first examine it for burned out parts. If there is no apparent visual damage but the control board isn’t providing power to the motor it needs to be replaced.

Worn Out Clutch

Another cause for an LG washer not spinning is a worn out clutch. This component connects the transmission and inner wash tub, enabling the tub to gradually increase its spin speed as needed.

Over time the clutch can wear out and when this happens your LG washer won’t spin. While a broken clutch can’t be repaired and requires replacement, this is a complex job. We recommend professional service for this repair.

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