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My Oven Keeps Beeping! Here’s How to Stop a Beeping Oven

If your oven keeps beeping, the first thing to determine is whether the beep is part of normal operation or if it’s related to a repair problem. Most modern ovens have features that sound a loud BEEP to signal food settings. However, if the beep is incessant, the issue is likely related to a repair issue that needs professional attention. Keep reading for help on how to stop a beeping oven.

Why Does My Oven Keep Beeping?

The most common reasons for an oven to make a beeping noise include preheating alerts, timer alerts, and temperature gauge alerts. However, if your oven is overheating or displaying an error code, the beeping may be a signal that service is required.

Preheating Alert

Most ovens come with preheating functionality. Preheating the oven allows you to set a target temperature to cook your food, and go about your business until the oven reaches that temperature. When the oven has reached the desired temperature and is ready to start cooking, the oven will sound a sequence of 1-3 beeps and should stop on its own.

Timer Alert

The timer countdown could be another reason why your oven keeps beeping. When the timer reaches zero, it will start beeping to tell you that the food is ready. To stop the beeping, press the “off” button.

Temperature Gauge Alert

A temperature gauge (thermometer) is included in some ovens and allows users to program the oven to stop cooking once the food has reached the correct internal temperature. The beeping will alert you that the food is done cooking. To stop the beeping, take the food out and turn off the oven.


If your oven is overheating, it may signal danger by sounding an alert. This problem will typically be accompanied by an error code and the oven should shut off as a safety measure. If the oven is overheating, contact a technician to diagnose the problem.

Common reasons your oven is overheating include a faulty temperature sensor, broken fan, faulty thermostat control, or faulty bake element.

Control Board Failure

A shorted or faulty control board may be the cause of your oven’s beeping noise. If the oven is beeping and won’t stop, check for an error code on the unit’s display. Make note of the error code so you can let your repair technician know the potential issue when you call for service.

To stop the beeping, unplug the unit until you can get service.

How to Reset Your Oven to Stop Beeping

Sometimes you may need to restart your oven after a power outage or clear an error code. If your oven keeps beeping or the error code comes back after resetting it, call for service.

To reset your oven, unplug it for a couple of minutes and then plug it back in. There may be a way to reset your oven with button combinations, but it depends on the brand, so you will need to refer to your Owner’s Manual.

how to reset oven that is beeping

If you still have trouble with your oven beeping, call Mid America Service for professional oven repair.

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