Samsung refrigerator leaking water

Try This if Your Samsung Refrigerator Is Leaking Water

As troublesome as refrigerator leaks can be, most have a straightforward cause and solution. Wondering why is my Samsung refrigerator leaking water? Interior leaks may be due to a water filter that’s damaged or incorrectly installed. When your Samsung refrigerator is leaking, follow these troubleshooting tips to stop leaks at the source.

Where to Start When Your Samsung Refrigerator is Leaking

When a Samsung refrigerator is leaking water, it may require a repair, but some leaks can be resolved with a simple DIY fix. Here’s how to troubleshoot the most common causes and solutions.

Refrigerator is Not Leveled Correctly

A refrigerator must be slightly higher in front to best enable defrost system draining. If you find your refrigerator leaking water on the floor, it may not be leveled correctly, causing defrost draining issues. To determine if your refrigerator is leveled properly, look at the front wheels underneath. If they’re sitting squarely on the floor, it’s not leveled correctly.

The refrigerator’s leveling legs can be adjusted so that the refrigerator is leveled correctly. Refer to your user manual to determine how to access the leveling legs on your model refrigerator. Use a screwdriver to raise the legs high enough that the front wheels are just lifted off the floor. 

Water Filter is Damaged or Incorrectly Installed

Is your refrigerator leaking water inside or at the water dispenser? Water filter problems can cause leaks at these locations. In addition to the dispenser, leaks may also be visible around the filter compartment near the deli or produce drawers.

Here’s how to assess a Samsung refrigerator leaking water from filter:

  • Make sure it’s installed correctly: Refer to your user manual for installation instructions and try reinstalling the filter.
  • Check for damage: If the filter head is cracked or missing, the filter needs to be replaced. Does the filter appear intact? Check the filter housing for cracks or holes. Damage to the filter housing requires professional repair.
  • Confirm that you have an OEM filter: Samsung recommends using an OEM filter to ensure that it fits properly. Generic filters that don’t have an exact fit can result in leaks.

Samsung Refrigerator Doors Aren’t Closed

Sometimes it appears as though a Samsung refrigerator is leaking when really there is an excess of condensation. Condensation can occur if the doors are left open or aren’t closing correctly and the refrigerator is warm inside.

These tips can ensure that the refrigerator doors close properly:

  • Make sure doors are closed completely: Keep refrigerator doors open for as short a time as possible, making sure they’re completely closed after use.
  • Check for blockages: Ensure that refrigerated items in the door or interior shelves aren’t blocking the doors from closing.
  • Assess the door seal: Clean the door seal every 6 months to make sure debris doesn’t interfere with its airtight closure. A ripped or torn seal requires replacement.

Samsung refrigerator is leaking

Clogged Defrost Drain

The defrost drain transports excess water from the defrost system to the drain pan below the refrigerator, where it evaporates. However, as the water is often cold and the drain is in the freezer, the drain can become clogged with ice. When this happens, you’ll find your Samsung refrigerator is leaking water in the freezer after it builds up in the drain.

To melt the ice in the defrost drain, turn off the refrigerator and wait for it to defrost. Samsung doesn’t recommend flushing the drain with hot water, as this can lead to internal defrost system issues. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, a professional service may need to evaluate the defrost system.

Damaged Water Inlet Valve

A refrigerator’s water inlet valve opens and closes to allow water from your home’s water line to supply the refrigerator. If the valve is damaged or loose, you may find your Samsung refrigerator not making ice or dispensing water as usual. You may also notice the refrigerator leaking water outside, typically underneath or at the back.

The water inlet valve is located behind a rear access panel on the bottom right corner of the refrigerator. While a loose valve can be tightened to stop the leak, a damaged valve should be replaced by a professional repair service.

The experts at Mid America Service can handle any Samsung refrigerator repair. Call us to stop a leak or resolve any kitchen appliance concern.

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