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Why Is My Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working?

Ice makers have a way of malfunctioning just when you need them the most, whether it’s a hot summer day or right before a gathering. Fortunately, most reasons for a Samsung refrigerator ice maker not working don’t have to be addressed by a professional. Common problems like the ice maker switch turning off or ice maker clogs can easily be solved at home.

4 Possibilities for a Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working

Though it seems like there are infinite possibilities, there are typically 4 main reasons for a Samsung refrigerator ice maker not working. Here’s how to identify and fix most of them without the need for a professional repair.

Samsung Ice Maker Child Lock is On

One of the most common reasons for a Samsung ice maker not working is when the Child Lock function is accidentally in use.  While helpful in keeping curious kids from covering the floor in ice cubes, it can be frustrating to deal with if turned on accidentally. When this function is engaged, not only will the ice maker not work, but none of the control panel’s buttons will operate.

The ice maker should function again when the Child Lock feature is disengaged. The procedure for turning off the Child Lock function differs based on your model refrigerator. Some models have one Child Lock button to push while others have a sequence of buttons. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine how to turn off your refrigerator’s Child Lock feature. 

Samsung refrigerator ice maker not working

Ice Dispenser is Clogged

Does it seem like your Samsung ice maker stuck? Accumulating ice can freeze together and cause a clog at the dispenser opening, resulting in the ice maker not dispensing ice. To melt the ice and remove the blockage, pour warm water over the dispenser opening. Dry the ice maker completely to prevent a new blockage from forming.

Ice Dispenser Switch Off or Defective

While you can turn the ice maker on and off at the refrigerator’s control panel, the ice maker itself also has a switch. Oftentimes the switch can be accidentally turned off by shifting freezer items. Simply turn the switch back on to restore function.

A defective switch can also result in a Samsung refrigerator ice maker not working. If the switch is on and the ice maker is still not working, test the switch with a multimeter. If the multimeter reveals a lack of power, the switch requires replacement.

Ice Maker Assembly is Faulty

If you find your ice maker not dumping ice, even after these interventions, then it’s possible that the ice maker assembly is faulty. While only one component may be at fault, it’s recommended to replace the entire assembly as individual parts aren’t typically sold separately. We suggest a professional service for this job.

Whether your ice tastes bad or you find your Samsung refrigerator ice maker not working, Mid America Service can help. Call us to schedule an ice maker repair.

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