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Samsung Refrigerator Door Won’t Close? Here’s Why.

When its doors don’t close correctly it’s only a matter of time until a refrigerator isn’t cooling, risking your food’s safety. Why is my Samsung refrigerator door not closing? A loose or damaged door gasket could be preventing a tight closure. Learn the most likely reasons why a Samsung refrigerator door won’t close and the solutions that keep your fridge cool.

Common Causes and Solutions When Your
Samsung Refrigerator Door Won’t Close

In most cases, the right DIY fix can solve the problem when your Samsung refrigerator door won’t close. From obstructions to worn hinges, here’s how to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

Refrigerator Door is Blocked

If your refrigerator door won’t stay closed, first determine if something inside is blocking its closure. A crooked shelf, protruding container, or open crisper drawer can prevent the door from closing completely. Make sure drawers and shelves are properly aligned and reposition any stored items that may be interfering with the door.

Damaged Refrigerator Door Gasket

The rubber gasket around the refrigerator doors creates a tight seal when they’re closed, keeping warm air out and cool air contained. If the gasket is dirty, loose or damaged, a Samsung refrigerator door won’t close or seal properly, warming the refrigerator’s interior. How can you tell if the gasket is compromised? Place a dollar bill against the refrigerator door and close it, leaving some of the bill sticking out.  If you can pull the dollar bill from the door with ease, the gasket isn’t working sufficiently.

Samsung refrigerator door won't close

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Here’s how to fix a damaged refrigerator door gasket:

  • Cleaning: If dirt and debris are compromising the gasket, clean it with a toothbrush dipped in warm water and dish detergent. Dry thoroughly with a clean towel.
  • Repositioning: Sometimes, a loose gasket can be pushed back into its groove around the door’s edge. Place a dab of petroleum jelly along the groove with a cotton swab to anchor the gasket before pushing it back in place.
  • Replacing: If the gasket is torn, twisted or is loose in multiple places, it should be replaced.

Samsung Refrigerator Body is Misaligned

When it doesn’t sit level with the floor, the refrigerator door won’t close automatically. If a level placed on top of the refrigerator reveals that it isn’t sitting evenly, it will need to be realigned. How do you level a fridge so the door closes? Most rest on leveling legs that can be raised or lowered so the refrigerator rests evenly on the floor.

Consult your user manual to determine how to access the leveling legs on your model refrigerator. Some are behind a front leg cover while others are more easily reached when the refrigerator doors are open. Once the leg is accessed, place a screwdriver in the notch along its side. Rotate the screwdriver left to raise the leg or right to lower it. Check your work with a carpenter’s level to make sure the refrigerator sits evenly.

Worn Refrigerator Door Hinges

If your Samsung refrigerator door won’t close after trying these tips, it’s possible that the door hinges are worn out. Over time, the hinges can become loose or misaligned, preventing the doors from lining up when they close. While tightening the hinge screws can solve the problem, if the hinges are worn out or damaged, they’ll require replacement.

Replacing refrigerator door hinges can be a precise job beyond the scope of a DIY fix. We suggest that a professional repair service address this issue.

From how to clean refrigerator coils to troubleshooting doors that won’t close, the experts at Mid American Service have all the answers. Contact us for all your Samsung refrigerator repair needs!


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