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How to Clean Sub-Zero 600 Series Condenser Coils in 5 Easy Steps

Is your refrigerator running a little warmer than usual? It may be time to clean Sub-Zero 600 series condenser coils. A Sub-Zero refrigerator not cooling is commonly caused by dirty and dusty coils.

Not cleaning these coils can also lead to other failures in your refrigerator, so don’t put it off! In fact, you should clean the coils every 6 to 12 months for proper maintenance.

Get Clean Sub-Zero 600 Series
Condenser Coils in 5 Easy Steps

If you’d like to clean your Sub-Zero refrigerator coils yourself, follow this step-by-step guide:

#1 – Address Error Codes & Turn Off

When your refrigerator senses a fault in the system, it will display an error code. To check the error code, look at the control panel. Error code 40 and 50 commonly pop up if there is an issue with temperature. If you see a different error code, check the owner’s manual as there may be a bigger problem than dirty condenser coils.

Once the codes are addressed, turn off the unit by using the control panel.

#2 – Remove Sub-Zero Refrigerator Grille

Most Sub-Zero 600 series grilles are located at the top of the unit. For a louvered style grille, open the refrigerator door and remove the screws located on the bottom of the grille. Then pull the top of the grille forward and remove the hook from the springs.

Panelized models are a little easier as no tools are required. Simply lift the grille up, pull the bottom out, and pull the grille down to remove.

clean Sub-Zero 600 series condenser coils

#3 – Remove Dust & Lint

Sub-Zero 600 series condenser cleaning is best done with a bristle brush attachment on your vacuum. You can buy a coil cleaning kit like this one that easily attaches to any vacuum.

If there is a screen in front of the condenser, use canned compressed air to blow out any dust the vacuum can’t reach. Be careful not to use any cleaning or degreaser products. This can lead to undesirable results.

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#4 – Replace Refrigerator Grille

Replace the grille properly according to the style of grille. If your Sub-Zero has a louvered grille, be sure to reattach the curved hook to the springs and replace the screws.

For an overlay panel grille, reattach it to the mounting bracket.

#5 – Turn Sub-Zero Refrigerator Back On

Using the control panel, turn your refrigerator back on. To see if clean Sub-Zero 600 series condenser coils fixed the problem, wait a full 24 hours.

If cleaning the coils did not solve your refrigerator temperature issue, contact Mid America Appliance Repair for Sub-Zero refrigerator repair services.


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