how to clean a Samsung glass cooktop

How to Clean a Samsung Glass Cooktop Without Scratching It

Glass cooktops are revered for their sleek appearance and easy cleaning but how you clean it is essential to avoiding damage. Wondering how to clean a Samsung glass cooktop? A cleaning product designed for glass top stoves addresses most stains, while a blade scraper removes heavy debris. Use these Samsung glass top stove cleaning tips to avoid damage and make your cooktop sparkle.

Caring For Your Glass Top Stove: How to Clean a Samsung Glass Cooktop

Like cleaning a range griddle, the right methods and supplies are necessary to safely clean a glass top stove. Before we detail how to clean Samsung glass cooktop, here’s what you’ll need to get the job done properly.

Glass Cooktop Cleaning Preparation

Before you begin to clean a glass cooktop, make sure the stove is off and the top has completely cooled. Next, gather your cleaning supplies so they’re easily accessible.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Glass top stove cleaner. Samsung recommends Cerama Bryte or Weiman products as the best glass stove top cleaner for their range.
  • Clean, soft cloths
  • Paper towels
  • Blade scraper

The following steps detail how to clean a Samsung glass top stove.

Step 1: Remove Loose Debris

Even though the glass cooktop is cool, wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from grime and cleaning chemicals. Use a paper towel to remove significant spills from the cooktop and pick up large food particles or debris. Avoid scrubbing or scratching that can damage the Samsung glass top.

Step 2: Apply Glass Top Stove Cleaner

Spread the glass top stove cleaner evenly throughout the cooktop with a paper towel. Once applied, allow the cleaner to sit, untouched, for 15 minutes.

how to clean a Samsung glass top stove

Step 3: Wipe Away Cleaner

Using a clean, dry cloth, wipe away the cleaner and any food debris. Both should come up fairly easily but scrub gently if necessary.

Step 4: Remove Heavy Stains

Wondering how to clean a Samsung glass cooktop if it’s heavily soiled? Use a glass cleaning blade scraper to carefully scrape away stubborn stains. Always use a fresh blade with each cleaning, making sure it’s sharp and even.

Step 5: Buff the Samsung Glass Cooktop

Once all of the cleaner and stains are removed, buff the glass cooktop with a separate dry towel or cloth. Rub all areas of the glass until it shines.

best glass stove top cleaner

Glass Cooktop Maintenance Tips

While knowing how to clean a Samsung glass cooktop can avoid damage and malfunctions, regular maintenance is also essential.

Use these Samsung glass cooktop maintenance tips to properly care for your stove:

  • Address spills promptly: Allowing spills to sit on the hot glass surface can make them harder to clean or even cause damage. This is especially true for sugary stains, like chocolate, and acidic spills, such as tomato sauce. Wipe away these spills with a wet sponge or paper towel as soon as possible.
  • Use the right utensils: Avoid plastic cooking tools that can melt on the hot cooktop, causing permanent pitting. Instead, use wood or metal utensils that can withstand the heat without melting.
  • Avoid dragging cookware: Regardless of its material, never drag heavy pots and pans across the cooktop. Doing so can scratch the surface. Always pick up cookware when moving it and make sure the bottoms are free of dirt and debris that can cause scratches.

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