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Local Tips from Our Indianapolis Appliance Experts

Whether you’re a long-time native, new to the area, or just vacationing in Indianapolis, we have some tips for you! Our team of locals have put together a list of fun things to do in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis, AKA ‘Indy’, is the capital and largest city in Indiana. The city was founded in 1821, and has continued to grow ever since. With this growth has come some pretty incredible activities and attractions.

What is Indianapolis Most Known For?

  • Racing – The Indy 500 takes place here every year.
  • Football – Home to the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts.
  • Basketball – We’re also an NBA city – Go Pacers!
  • Museums – Visit our giant children’s museum.
  • Food – Explore a variety of flavors downtown.

But that’s not all. There is an endless number of things to do in Indianapolis all year round. Find some of our team’s favorite activities below.

From historic museums to where to spend a night on the town, we’ve got the 411!

things to do in indianapolis

Let Our Local
Appliance Repair Team be Your Guide

Best Museums in Indianapolis

Our city is known for awesome museums. It’s even home to the largest children’s museum in the world!

Find the best museums for kids, history buffs, racing fans, and art enthusiasts.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway FAQs

Indianpolis is probably most known for the Indy 500. But there’s so much more to it than speed!

Get the answers to some of the most commonly-asked racing questions.

Things to Do in Downtown Indy at Night

We may not be known as the city that never sleeps, but we know how to have a good time after the sun goes down!

Check out nighttime activities perfect for kids, teens, couples, and athletes.

Want More Expert Tips?

Our appliance repair technicians are always happy to share their knowledge when it comes to kitchen and laundry appliances, too!

Check out our blog for maintenance tips, cleaning hacks, product reviews, and troubleshooting tips.

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