LG fridge making a loud humming noise

Why is My LG Refrigerator Making Loud Noise: Troubleshoot Humming, Rattling, Hissing, and More

Modern refrigerators are so quiet that almost any noise can be a surprise. But how can you tell if your LG refrigerator making loud noise indicates business as usual or a sign to beware? Clicking and dripping sounds can be normal, while hissing and humming might be abnormal.

LG Refrigerator Making Loud Noise:
Normal Sounds & Sounds of Distress

Not all refrigerator noises warrant a call to a repair service or a trip to the hardware store. Before you wonder, “How to stop my refrigerator from making noise?” we’ll review what sounds indicate normal functioning. We’ll also alert you to the sounds that may signify a repair.

Compare the noise coming from your refrigerator with the diagnoses below with LG’s interactive Sound Diagnosis Tool.

Typically Normal LG Refrigerator Noises


Are you guessing how to fix the sound on my LG refrigerator? It’s important to know most clicking sounds are normal. Clicks indicate the automatic defrost cycle beginning and ending. The refrigerator’s thermostat may also click when turning on and off.

lg refrigerator making loud noise


Though popping noises can be startling, a refrigerator that pops is typically functioning normally. While we perceive our refrigerator as remaining consistently cold, small temperature fluctuations can cause its walls to expand and contract. These small movements often result in a popping sound.


An LG refrigerator making loud noise that sounds like rattling can indicate either normal function or a potential problem. Rattling sounds can have several normal causes including:

  • Typical flow of refrigerant
  • Normal operation of the refrigerator’s water line
  • Movement of items stored next to or on top of refrigerator

However, rattling can also occur when the refrigerator isn’t resting evenly on the floor. We suggest also checking your unit’s leveling legs to determine if they need an adjustment.


Is your LG fridge noisy with dripping sounds? While this noise can also cause concern for a leak, dripping sounds are usually normal parts of the defrost cycle. During this cycle water from the defrost will drip onto the refrigerator’s drip pan, eventually evaporating and causing no harm.

lg refrigerator makes loud dripping sound
Photo Credit: LG

Typically Abnormal Refrigerator Noises


The volume of a refrigerator humming noise is what can point to a problem. A low refrigerator buzzing noise or humming sound are normal noises for the unit’s compressor. However, if your LG fridge making a loud humming noise can be heard in another room and goes on for more than an hour, it can indicate a compressor problem.

These loud sounds suggest that the compressor is working too hard to cool the refrigerator and that there may be a malfunction. We suggest a professional service for further assessment.


Refrigerant flows through a refrigerator’s cooling system at various times, regulated by a valve that stops or starts the flow. When the fluid in the valve warms, the valve expands and you may hear a few drops hiss out as it flows. A constant refrigerator hissing noise, however, could indicate a leaky valve or a problem with the refrigerant that should be professionally assessed.


An LG refrigerator making a loud noise like vibrating can have several causes that are fairly easy to fix. We suggest these simple checks to silence any vibrations:

  • Make sure the side or back of the refrigerator isn’t touching a wall or cabinet
  • Confirm that the refrigerator doors are aligned
  • Move any items that may be resting against the interior walls
  • Ensure that the refrigerator is level on the floor

Learning a refrigerator’s sounds can help you decipher if an LG refrigerator making loud noise is normal or a cry for help. Call Mid America Service to help answer those cries with the most reliable refrigerator repair in St. Peters.

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