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Viking Range Clicking When Turned Off? This May Be Why…

Viking range owners are usually accustomed to hearing clicks when turning the burner knob to ignite the burner. But a Viking range clicking when turned off can certainly seem abnormal or even alarming. Fortunately, this problem has common causes, like a clogged ignition system or moisture around the igniters, with straightforward fixes.

How to Troubleshoot a Viking Range Clicking When Turned Off

A Viking range clicking when turned off doesn’t always indicate a malfunction. Whether you have a dual fuel range or traditional gas, a good cleaning or some simple adjustments can solve the problem. We’ll streamline your Viking stove igniter troubleshooting with the most likely reasons your range clicks constantly.

Range Ignition System is Clogged

One of the most common reasons a stove keeps clicking after burner is turned off is a clog in the ignition system. Clogs most often occur due to food or grease buildup around the igniter and burner ports. These clogs can wreak havoc with the ignition system, causing clicking sounds to persist even if the range is off.

A good cleaning can solve the problem when your range ignition system is clogged. Here’s how to clean the burner area and igniter:

  • Disconnect the range from its power source.
  • Remove the burner cap by lifting upward.
  • Using a toothbrush, gently scrub the area under the burner cap to remove grease and food particles.
  • Unclog the igniter with a metal pin or straightened paper clip.
  • Use a Q tip dipped in alcohol to remove lingering buildup around the igniter and burner knobs.
  • Replace burner cap and reconnect range to power.

Viking range clicking when turned off

Range Burner Cap is Misaligned

Another common reason for a Viking range clicking when turned off is a misaligned burner. This often occurs after a cleaning if the burner cap isn’t properly replaced. If the cap isn’t in the right position, it can interfere with the igniter and cause continual clicking sounds.  Follow these steps to reposition the burner cap:

  • Make sure the range is completely cool.
  • Remove the burner grate.
  • Take off the burner cap and re-center it correctly.
  • Replace the burner grate.

Moisture Around Range Igniters

If your range does not stop sparking, lingering moisture around the igniters can be at fault. Despite our best efforts, a pot boiling over or spilled liquid during cooking can both leave invisible moisture behind. Even cleaning can result in a Viking range clicking when turned off due to remaining moisture that soaks into the ignition system.

A thorough drying can remove moisture and enable your range to ignite properly. Here’s how to dry your range correctly:

  • Disconnect the range from its power source.
  • Take off the burner grates.
  • Remove the burner caps and knobs.
  • Use a paper towel to wipe down the top of the range and absorb moisture.
  • Allow to air dry, using a fan or turning on the oven to speed up the process.
  • Replace the burner caps, knobs, and grates.
  • Reconnect the range to power.
viking stove igniter troubleshooting
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Defective Parts

If this Viking range igniter troubleshooting still leaves you with continual clicks, it’s possible a defective part is causing the problem. Oftentimes, the spark module can fail to produce the spark that ignites the gas. In other instances, the spark ignition switch doesn’t provide the electricity the module needs to spark or the igniter itself is faulty.

In these cases, we recommend that professionals like the team at Mid America Service provide an expert assessment of your Viking range.

Mid America Service has years of experience in Viking range repair Indianapolis. Call us for an answer to any Viking range concerns.

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