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which is the best top loading or front loading washing machine

Laundry 101: Front Load vs. Top Load Washer

Wondering what the difference is between front load vs top load washers? We’ll discuss the two washing machine types by comparing these factors:
Ease of Use
Washing Speed
Spin Cycle Speed
Cleaning Ability
Overall Cost

refrigerator door won't close automatically

Samsung Refrigerator Door Won’t Close? Here’s Why.

It can be frustrating when your Samsung refrigerator door won’t close. Cool air can seep out, causing your refrigerator to work harder to keep your food cold and fresh. Common causes for a refrigerator door not closing include:
1. Refrigerator door is blocked by something inside the compartment.
2. The door gasket is dirty or damaged.
3. The refrigerator body is misaligned.

Samsung washer leaves clothes wet

Why Your Samsung Washer Leaves Clothes Wet After The Spin Cycle

While part failures can prevent spinning and draining, some causes can be a simple DIY fix. If your Samsung washer leaves clothes wet, a simple change or adjustment can solve the problem:
1. Don’t use an extension cord
2. Use a different washer setting
3. Don’t overload your washer

why are my clothes still damp after drying

Why Is My LG Dryer Not Heating Up?

Is your LG dryer not heating up? Here are some solutions that can restore function when your dryer won’t heat:
1. Clean your dryer vents
2. Don’t overload your machine
3. Replace a blown thermal fuse
4. Replace a defective heating element

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