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LG Washer Not Dispensing Soap? Try These Troubleshooting Tips.

Your washer needs soap and water to clean clothes, but this dynamic duo doesn’t work if the detergent never reaches the wash tub. Why is your LG washer not dispensing soap? A washer that’s not level can prevent detergent from siphoning. Troubleshoot a washer detergent dispenser problem with these common causes. 

Why Is My LG Washer Not Dispensing Soap?

In most cases, the wrong use and care or a lack of maintenance can result in an LG washer not dispensing soap. From changing detergent to cleaning the dispenser, here’s how to solve the problem.

Wrong or Too Much Detergent

Always use HE detergent with LG washers. This high efficiency detergent is formulated to drain easily with minimal sudsing. Using regular detergent can cause a build up of suds in the detergent drawer, resulting in an LG washer not dispensing soap.

Using the right amount of detergent is also essential to avoid oversudsing. HE detergents are highly concentrated, making only a small amount necessary to clean clothes. If you see any soap suds during a wash cycle, you’re likely using too much detergent

Follow these detergent measurement tips to avoid oversudsing:

  • Use no more than the manufacturer’s recommended amount: Always consult the package instructions when determining how much detergent to use. Even smaller amounts are advisable for small loads.
  • Decrease detergent with soft water: As little as 2 Tbsps of detergent per load is advisable for areas with soft water.
  • Make adjustments for powdered detergent: Remove the blue insert from the detergent drawer to better accommodate powdered options.

LG washer not dispensing soap

Washer Isn’t Level

A washer that isn’t level will result in the detergent drawer not emptying or siphoning correctly. This causes the dispenser to fill with water while the detergent remains behind. To level the washer, loosen the lock nuts on each leveling foot with a wrench. The bolts on each foot can then be rotated right or left to raise or lower the washer. Place a carpenter’s level on top of the washer to determine when it’s perfectly leveled before securing the lock nuts in place.

Clogged LG Washer Detergent Drawer

Clogs are one of the most common reasons for a washing machine detergent dispenser not working. Using too much or the wrong type of detergent creates excess sudsing that can clog the drawer. However, without regular cleanings, even the right detergent in the right amounts can leave behind residue that accumulates over time. This residue can leave the washer detergent dispenser stuck and unable to expel detergent. 

LG recommends monthly detergent drawer cleanings to prevent clogs. More frequent cleanings may be necessary if you notice excess water, visible residue or unpleasant odor in the drawer.

Follow these steps to clean your LG washer detergent dispenser:

  • Pull out the dispenser drawer.
  • Push down on the disengage button to remove the drawer from its housing.
  • Remove all inserts from the drawer.
  • Rinse each component with water and a soft cloth or sponge.
  • Wipe down the drawer housing with a cloth or paper towel.
  • Dry all drawer components completely and replace inserts.
  • Slide drawer back into its housing.

What To Do For Bleach or Softener Dispenser Issues

Similar to an LG washer not dispensing soap, bleach or softener dispenser problems often occur if their attachments are dirty or improperly attached. Be sure to clean these compartments with the detergent dispenser on a monthly basis and securely replace their attachments.

When using bleach, only use it in liquid form and avoid splashless options that are too thick to dispense properly. Many softeners are also too thick for the dispenser and should be diluted with water to prevent clogs.

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