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Can You Tour Indianapolis Motor Speedway & Other Indy FAQs

The crew at Mid America Service gets revved up when discussing Indianapolis Motor Speedway facts. Besides, coming to tour Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of the highlights of Indiana! We’ve got answers to the most common questions so you can plan your tour in style.

Tour Indianapolis Motor Speedway the Right Way

Catch a ride to the racing capital of the world! It’s a speedy event you don’t want to miss.

Can You Tour Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Tours at IMS? Absolutely! There are actually a variety of tours available. So take a lap around the track and learn some Indy history while you gear up for the big race.

Make group reservations for tours at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, including:

  • Kiss the Bricks Tour
  • VIP Full Grounds Tour
  • Behind the Scenes Tour

More Details About Tours

tour Indianapolis Motor Speedway

How Much Do Indy 500 Tickets Cost?

If you’d like to tour Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you’re probably wondering how much do Indy 500 tickets Cost? There are many different options for seating and tickets are priced accordingly and subject to change.

For the Indy 500, prices range from $15 for a practice day to $250 for a Penthouse Box Seat on race day.

  • GMR Grand Prix tickets:¬†$25-$200
  • Snake Pit tickets: $75-$170

Ticket Pricing Details

How Big is Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

How big is Indianapolis Motor Speedway? BIG. Crazy big. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway isn’t just cars.

Amenities include the Brickyard Crossing golf course, IMS Museum, Indiana University Health Center… there is even room for RV and tent camping near the Speedway for fans near their race-day seating areas.

Learn More About IMS Amenities

can you take a tour of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

How Long is the Indianapolis 500?

So, how long IS the Indianapolis 500? 200 laps, 500 miles, to be precise. Depending on the number and length of cautions, the race can last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. Although a grueling race to be sure, fans will agree it is an experience worth every moment.

Indianapolis 500 Event Schedule 

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