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5 Best Refrigerator Organization Tips

Mealtimes can be a breeze with an organized refrigerator. Being able to easily see what you have to work with can take the hassle out of dinner time. Another great benefit of an organized fridge is seeing what you’re running low on so your grocery shopping lists can be made in no time. Here are five of the best refrigerator organization tips.

Refrigerator Organization Tips

It’s tough to consistently cook food for yourself and your family when your refrigerator is a complete mess. But when you’ve always just left your fridge in disarray, where do you even start to fix the issue?

How to Store Food in a Fridge

Understanding the correct place to store your foods can help you organize your fridge and maintain the quality of your food simultaneously.

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#1 Create Zones

One of the most important refrigerator organization tips is storing food in the correct place. Think of your refrigerator in zones based on the temperature and humidity. There are three zones, the warmest zone, the coldest zone, and the crisper drawers.

Warmest Zones

The warmest zones are the top shelf and doors. The top shelf is perfect for storing your dairy products, eggs, and spreads. The door is great for storing condiments.

Crisper Zone

The crisper drawers are great for fresh produce. The ability to adjust the humidity levels and separate them from other foods helps keep food better for longer. Use low humidity settings for foods that tend to rot faster. Use high humidity settings for foods that wilt easier.

Coldest Zones

The middle and bottom shelves progressively get colder, making them perfect for storing meat and milk.

#2 Maximize Your Space

Start with grouping like items with each other. Keep the produce with the produce, the meat with the meat, etc. This will make things easier to locate and use in recipes.

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Plastic Bins

Remove the packaging and store foods in bins. This will essentially double your space and give you the option of storing even more things on your shelves.

Drawer Dividers

Use drawer dividers to separate your food, making it easier to get to what you need.

Soda Can Dispensers

Use stackable can dispensers to store sodas and other beverages on their side and be able to stack them. Dispensers make it easy to grab your favorite drink and tell when you’re running low.

Suction Cup Baskets

Use small suction cup baskets on the inside walls of your refrigerator to create easy access to on-the-go snacks like string cheese and yogurt tubes.

#3 Label

Labeling the fridge compartments and bins will help you keep your refrigerator organized. Keeping your refrigerator organized allows you to easily see what needs to be added to the grocery list.

#4 Don’t Let Food Go to Waste

Add an “Eat-me-first” box to the top shelf that includes all the items in your fridge close to their expiration date. This box v less food goes to waste.

It’s easy to forget about the foods we’ve pushed to the back of the fridge or have shoved into a drawer. Keep foods that will expire the soonest front and center. That way, you avoid wasting money when you have to throw away food you had forgotten about. Make sure to leave room for leftovers.

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#5 Consider Easy Cleanups

Use refrigerator liners to clean up spills and other messes easily. Using bins will make it easier to rinse out in between restocks. Paper towels can be used at the bottom of your crisper drawers to catch any messes and keep cleanup easy.

These five tips will help you keep your fridge organized and running smoothly. Not only will this make it easier for you to find what you need, but it will also help keep food from going bad. Follow these simple steps, and your fridge will be neat in no time!

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